Top Five residential plumbing emergencies.

Plumbing emergencies occur in our homes every now and then and some come up when we least expect them to. Residential plumbing emergencies are most of the times inevitable. It is therefore important to know how to handle some of these emergencies if they come up.

Bursting Pipes.

Pipes usually burst in our homes occasionally and whenever this happens, you must stop the water from flowing. This should be done before the emergency plumber arrives to fix it. Look for the main closing valve in your home or office and turn it off. This will prevent damages related to electricity and your valued property will therefore be safe since there will be no flooding. After arresting the emergency, you can now call your emergency plumber to do the repair of the burst part of the pipe.

Water Overflow.

The first thing you should do is immediately close the water supply by closing the water supply valve which in our homes is mostly found right under the sink. In our homes we may have an emergency of water flooding on kitchen and bathroom floors. After you have shut the main water supply, call a plumber to come and fix your taps and as you wait for him or her, move all your valuables from the floor and clear the mess.

Leaking Fixtures.

Whenever you have a leaking pipe or joint, turn off the valve supplying the particular pipe or joint. Check the pipe for obstruction maybe by soap, hair or some rock particles. Call your emergency plumber because for such cases its best to have a professional do it for you. You may be required to replace or seal the leaking joints or pipes, and this can only be done by a professional. You can simply search plumber Howell MI and sample the best plumbers. The plumber should be well equipped with knowledge on how to handle the pipes especially if they are close to the gas pipes to be safe and to prevent more serious damage.

Blocked toilets and drains.

In our homes many blockages occur when gadgets and toys fall into the toilets or drains. Remove the obstruction using a plunger if it’s available. However, if you can’t get it out, call an emergency plumber immediately because blocked toilets and drainage can cause flooding which is disgusting. In any case of blockage, always close the water supply.

Freezing Pipes.

In cold areas or during winter, it is likely for water in the pipes to freeze, this water may expand and cause cracks on the pipes. If you don’t use your heater for a long time, ensure you shut water supply at the main supply and let water out of the pipes through the faucets. Do not melt frozen water in pipes using an open flame instead use hot water bottles. To prevent pipes from freezing keep your pipes insulated.