South Florida Residents Receiving Affordable Design Advice with Their Home Furnishing Purchases

With its leafy foliage in every hue of green, the blue of the ocean and the white of the sand, southern Florida has a breezy, summery vibe reflected in the home interiors known as the South Beach style. After an evening of binge-watching home décor programs, awed by the interior transformations, you conclude your own living area is begging for a renovation. Past attempts involved the acquisition of an interesting piece now and then, the purchase of new window treatments, a change in wall color, meanwhile not quite realizing that coherent concept portrayed in the media. Lovely looking in the showroom in its own individual vignette where everything matched beautifully, that sectional sofa was a bargain. Perhaps the retailer is encouraging a package deal including the lamps, side tables, and wall accessories in the vignette, but your existing pieces are in the South Beach style of the new sectional, so why replace everything? Unfortunately, your living room remains mediocre.

Consider the retail options available in South Florida, featuring home décor choices from Miami to Boca Raton, including nationally advertised furniture retailers, local merchants specializing in floor covering, patio furniture, or wallpaper and paint, notwithstanding the interior design studios available at considerable cost. With the population of the Miami-Palm Beach region surpassing six million, more retail options spring up every year. There is an alternative for consumers searching for modern furniture Miami, retailers offering one-stop shopping with in-house design assistance. Whether furnishing an entire room with a new look or redesigning around an existing motif, full-service home furnishing retailers offer the combination of expertise, quality, and design flair to change a room from ‘looks nice’ to ‘that’s spectacular’.

However, doesn’t the specialty retailer salesperson’s business card read ‘Design Consultant’? Occasionally, this, or a similar designation, is received after the customary sales training course. Comparably, the floor covering sales representative claims years in the business with a portfolio of home builders. Both scenarios morph into disappointingly average room settings, or worse, expensive mistakes. Conversely, ASID membership, the American Society of Interior Designers, designates an individual who not only passes the initial requirements for ASID certification but also completes Continuing Education Units annually. With the appealing year-round climate of south Florida, a frequent home furnishing desire is continuing the theme outdoors. Accordingly, your talented ASID designer eagerly sketches a plan where your interior seems to flow seamlessly to the outdoors, providing an inviting four-season usage of your living spaces. A striking illustration of the value of an ASID designer is the relatively low cost of the services, frequently credited at the time of the sales contract under certain conditions. Certainly, membership in ASID is worth an inquiry on your next home furnishing project.

Choosing accessories, lighting, accent rugs and wall art can mean multiple separate shopping trips to specialty retailers, requiring additional research and visits for remodeling the home office, a potentially frustrating prospect. Conversely, the full-service home furnishing retailer, with in-house design services, provides Miami area residents with affordable decorating solutions reflective of the South Beach lifestyle.