Northfield Garage Door Products and Service Experts

Servicing a garage door is serious business, get it wrong and you can do more than need more parts. If the door slides off the track, you risk serious damage to your vehicle, if one of those springs comes loose, the tension is so strong that it could injury cause serious injury to anyone in close proximity. Leave all the worries and concerns to the garage door products Northfield IL service team.

The Power in the Door Spring

The spring of the garage door is under extreme pressure, and if you think you have any business trying to work on one, seriously consider the alternatives. The garage door spring needs to be installed by a professional because if it were to come loose, it has the power to easily amputate a body part or cause permanent injury to your body. If the spring is being worked on by someone without experience, it can easily break free from the housing and strike you with the force of a large truck.

These springs are needed to allow the door to easily move up and down the track, so they have to be precisely positioned or the garage door will not function correctly. This is certainly one of those repairs that need to be in the hands of a skilled laborer.

Keeping Everything on Track

The tracks on either side of the garage door are comprised of a number of parts that help the wheels on the sides of the door glide up and down when needed. If the tracks are off or a part is failing, the door can easily get stuck in the up position or trapped on the way down. Greasing the wheels and clearing the tracks of debris help to keep everything operating perfectly, but parts still wear out over time.

When the door is struggling or gets stuck frequently, have the service team determine what parts are needed to fix the issue.

Uneven Door Issues a Big Deal?

If you made a small repair to the door and it doesn’t hit the ground perfectly even, is it really a big deal? If you can notice the door is slightly off, you might consider it a minor issue and move on, but there is a reason the door has to be level. The thick weatherstripping at the bottom of the door does more than cushion it as it hits the ground, it keeps the rain and snow from getting into the garage.

The other issue with an uneven garage door is rodents will now be able to avoid predators and set up their home inside your house. Mice and rats need an opening the size of a quarter to squeeze into the house, and that uneven garage door is an open invitation for snakes, mice, roaches, and other critters to become guests inside of your house.

Don’t risk personal injury or damage to your vehicle, let the garage door service team determine what is wrong and come out with the right parts to make that repair in a timely manner.