How to Make Your Windows Pop

Have you been looking to spruce up the outside of your home and keep your curb appeal? Well there is an accent for your home out there! Get ready to either upgrade or just add to the overall look of your home with exterior window shutters. Weather you have the standard window or something with an arch and radius which has become very popular Advantages Of Arched Windows. The sleek and clean design of exterior shutters will make you the talk of the neighborhood.

There are several designs you can pick from when it comes to exterior shutters. The choice that seems to be at the top of the list is louvered shutters, these can be put on any home to enhance or upgrade the look. There is the paneled type, this usually consists of having a single raised panel or more in the center of the shutter, the next on the list is called a board and batten, these are generally three to sometimes more planks that run vertically with two boards that run horizontally across the top part and bottom part of the shudder they can also run at an angle, and last but not least the Bermuda or sometimes called the Bahama, these are widely used in the Caribbean area and are a whole window covering that can push out to offer you shade, breeze, and protection from strong storms.

The materials used for construction can vary, these include synthetic foam, faux wood, vinyl, medium density fiber commonly known as MDF, and wood. This article DIY Four Types of Shudders is a great read with more information regarding shutters.
The type of materials really depends on a person’s budget and taste, however, be aware that some materials do not stand the test of mother nature and time. The MDF construction tends to not be very water resistant over time, vinyl seems to hold up well but yet over time they themselves can become a yellow stained color and be hard to clean, the best choice by far would be synthetic foam, they do tend to last much longer, water resistant, fire resistant, and can be stained. Then of course there is the faux wood and real wood version of shutters, which real wood is going to be more costly than other choices, some people want as much on their home ‘organic’ as they can.

There are also the hardware to look into when picking out your shutters, some can be just accent’s or they can serve a purpose as far as being able to pull the shutters closed and locking them, this really depends on what you are looking for in your shutters.
In closing shutters will not take away from your home but add to its overall appeal, take your time and visualize what you want your home to look like, a good idea is to take a before picture along with you as you try to decide. There are many great companies that can help you choose, and there is always the custom order just made for you!